Tina Trstenjak: a friendly world championship!

Translated by Dott. Giulio Mezzadri

Tina TRSTENJAK, born 1990, slovenian from Sankaku Celije, improves herself and after the bronze medal from last year, is the new world champion U63.

Tina Trsteniak, bronze medal with the Akiyama’s women team in italian championship 2008! -Trsteniak, Ingravalle, Pierucci, Giorgis, Vernillo, Ballabio (captain), Bonfante-

In 2008, Tina wore the colors of Akiyama Senior team during the Italian Championship for Clubs. This was possible thanks to the good relations between the two clubs. Akiyama and Fabian Marijan’s team are longtime active collaborators and the mutual exchange of athletes and experiences, during stages, competitions and trainings, is the final result of a strict relationship grown with time.
This collaboration is held steady by Pierangelo and Fabian, professional trainers so experienced that are able to keep to continuously give to their athletes instruments of growth and become always stronger.
Because of this mutual friendship, when an athlete from Sankaku Celije is in a such prestigious final, we are in front of our monitor to cheer for her as if she were one of us!

Congratulation for world title from Akiyama!

World Championship 2015-63 kg
World Championship 2015-63 kg

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