Njie Faye: from Gambia to rio: going from Akiyama

Ok, let’s start! Let’s speak a little about yourself and your story. Where did you born? When did you started practicing judo?
Hi, I was born 23.11.1993. I started judo 2002 when I was 8 years old. The passion to judo started right after the first practice and it has become the way of life.
How did the passion from judo started?
What inspires me in judo is that it’s versatile sports and there are so many things to do and train in it, not just judo but many other things like gym, running.
Where do you train, now?
I live and train in Finland.
Let’s move to your week: do you study?
I’m looking for to move Sweden to study as a PE teacher and trains at the same time.
What do you like doing in your free time?
In my free time I like to go outside, hang out with my friends. My another big passion is football so use to play and watch it a lot as well.
How are you preparing yourself ahead of the Rio Olympic games?
I am doing preparation to the Olympics abroad. Before I came here I did one training camp in Turkey and one in France. The final preparation will be here at Akiyama’s.

In the past, you already came to train in Settimo: what had you brought here?

The idea of coming here came up a year ago when my friend Rene Villanello had decided to move Turin and join this club. I knew that could be a good oppotunity for me too to visit and train here sometimes. This is my third time here and I believe it won’t be the last.
Okay, last question: what about your next goal a Rio? And next?
For the Olympics, I don’t have big expectations. Of course I will focus for each match 100% and give everything from myself on the tatami. Let’s see how does it take. After the Olympics and I may have little break from judo, 1-2 weeks and then I aim for new challenges.

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